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The Aviation Services Research Centre (ASRC) is an applied research centre established by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) in combination with Boeing Corporate (Boeing). The aim of ASRC is to develop new or improved aviation service technologies applicable to MRO industry.

The ASRC is established following the Boeing GlobalNet model, the centre and other GlobalNet centres share the following major characteristics:

  • The centres are industry-led non-profit making organisation, conducting industry defined projects in collaboration with university researchers and national research institutes;

  • The centres have a central research and development capability;

  • Industry members contribute financially to the operation and projects of the centres; and

  • Local governments provide significant funding support to promote collaboration and attract premier international members creating opportunities for local members.

While ASRC is located in and owned by PolyU, the centre is not established to conduct primary researches or produce academic papers. Instead the centre aims to bridge the chasm between academic research and industrial exploitation, and become the de facto cutting-edge MRO research and development centre of Asia. The outcomes of ASRC projects are in the form of working industrial implementations of advanced MRO technologies and methodologies. Those implementations are new to MRO industry and have the potential to drastically improve quality, throughput and efficiency, not only in Hong Kong but throughout the aviation industry.