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The ASRC is a win-win partnership for the MRO member companies and Hong Kong community.

MRO member companies

MRO firms joining ASRC as a member can benefit directly by participating in, and obtain the results of all generic projects. Additionally, members have the opportunity to specify any number of specific projects which are presented to the board for ranking and approval as funds become available.

The centre ensures that both local and regional MRO member companies are able to take full advantage of ASRC to strengthen their global competitive position. Well established Hong Kong MROs can carry out substantial modernisation and improvement programmes by utilising the most up-to-date facilities and drawing on the expertise of world class practitioners all without disrupting daily business operation routines. The young MRO establishments in Mainland, on the other hand, can leverage dedicated ASRC expertises to support their growth program.

It is also important to note that the ASRC through its membership schemes supports the multitude of SME’s whose businesses are directly or indirectly linked with the MRO supply and support chain.

Apart from providing support to core MRO services, The ASRC also supports local MRO’s effort to upgrade manpower and to create a new aircraft component industry in Hong Kong as well as the South East Asia Region.

Hong Kong Community

Over the last year there has been criticism of the Hong Kong SAR Government’s approach to funding local research centres. The main problem has been the lack of focus and unusable results by the research teams. The ASRC as a research consortium negates these problems as the ruling body is industry itself, the projects carried out are specified by the industrial board members, and the commitment by the centre is to produce meaningful results for the industry. As such the centre is exactly what the community needs, and bears fruitful and meaningful results for the Government’s investment.

The very intention of the centre is the upgrading of the local industry. By education and the application of applied research to practical problems, it hopes to strengthen local capabilities.

Aircraft Manufacturers

The massive expansion by China aviation industry brings a large increase in orders from the Asian airlines. This situation looks very promising for Aircraft Manufacturers who stand to gain enormously financially.  However a very substantial obstacle to this expansion is the ability of the local aviation industry to attain high levels of MRO both in terms of quality standard and in terms of volume of throughput and reduced turnaround times. By seeking new methodologies and processes to improve MRO technology the ASRC can directly reduce the Total Life Cycle costs for aircraft, and as such improve the competitive edge.