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The primary activity of ASRC is to conduct research and development projects on aviation services. There are three major sources of research topic: The generic research projects funded through members’ fee; the projects funded by Innovation and Technology Commission or other government bodies; and the projects commissioned specifically by companies.

Major ASRC research areas are:

  • Aircraft Conversion (Passenger to Cargo) and Airframe MRO

  • Human Factors in the MRO Environment.

  • Process Development

  • Industrial IT

  • Industrial Systems Integration

  • Advanced Aerospace Adaptive Multi-Axis Machining

  • Aerospace Non-Destructive Testing and Inspection

  • Composite Structure Inspection and Repair

  • Machining of Advanced Aerospace Materials

  • Casting of Aerospace Materials (e.g. Titanium, magnesium etc.)

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • Jigs, Fixtures and Access Platform Design and Manufacture.

  • Knowledge Transfer

  • H&S

Knowledge exchange

The ASRC is a hub for local MRO companies, Boeing, and academia to exchange technology and business information. The centre holds internal forums annually for members to share their experiences and discuss with Boeing their needs and wants. The centre also organises multi-centre and international collaborations, tying up with the worldwide network of Aviation Research Centres.

Apart from technology-oriented research, the ASRC also collaborates with Mainland and overseas institutions to conduct business-oriented research and surveys on MRO market and regulatory trends.