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Key People


Ir Professor Ping-kong Alexander Wai

Vice President (Research Development)

Email : alex.wai@polyu.edu.hk

Ir Professor Ping-kong Alexander Wai is currently Vice President (Research Development) of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and also Chair Professor of Optical Communications.

His research interests include optical fiber communications and optical networks and is an active contributor to the technical field, having over 200 refereed international journal publications. He has contributed to the organization, served an invited speaker and keynote speakers of many international conferences. He is a fellow of Optical Society of America since 2009. In January and December 2012, Professor Wai elevated to IEEE Fellow and Fellow of the Hong Kong Academy of Engineering Sciences respectively. With the approval of the State Ministry of Science and Technology, Professor Wai has been selected for the "National Science and Technology Programmes Expert Database" since February 2012.



Professor Mark Hayman, CEO, ASRC

Email : mark.hayman@polyu.edu.hk

Mark Hayman joined the Swire group in 1987, first in CATHAY Pacific Airways and then in HAECO until his retirement in 2015. He became an Executive Director of HAECO in 2002. In June 2013, he became Executive Group Director Engineering and Operations. He has 40 years’ extensive experience in aircraft engineering profession.

Mr Hayman was invited by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) to be the Chief Executive Officer, Aviation Services Research Centre in January 2016. He was appointed as Professor of Practice (Aviation Engineering) by the PolyU since September 2015. He is also the Chairman of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers Aircraft Division and Fellow Member of the Royal Aeronautical Society.


Dr. Stephen O’Brien, Director of Operations, ASRC

Email : stephen.obrien@polyu.edu.hk

It is now seven years ago since I started work upon the idea of a Boeing center. At that time I can genuinely say there was very little (if any) interest within the University, or indeed in the other training institutions within Hong Kong in aviation. However preliminary investigations showed that the aviation industry in Hong Kong was indeed very healthy and in the southern China region was in fact undergoing an enormous growth.

With this in mind I began by contacting various aviation companies in the region and of course Boeing themselves. Not surprisingly Boeing do not undertake such ventures lightly and a very thorough investigation of our ideas and capabilities began. We were visited repeatedly by Boeing personnel over a two year period and to this end University management had also to be involved with process.

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Mr. Andrew Gridley, Associate Director, ASRC

Email : andrew.gridley@polyu.edu.hk

It has been over 5 years since I joined the team working to work on the negotiations with Boeing to establish an Aviation Services Research Centre here in Hong Kong. Prior to that I had worked for many years in aerospace manufacturing at BAE Systems in the UK. A significant part of that role was working with the founding Boeing Research centre (the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre) in Sheffield. So I have seen the value that such research centre’s can provide from the clients perspective first hand.

The 5 years that have passed since arriving in Hong Kong have flown by. In that time both Stephen and I have been extremely busy disseminating the ASRC concept to academia, government and industry and as Stephen says, it has not been easy as this is a completely novel research model.

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Dr. HO Shiu-hin Sidney, Lead Engineer, Automation, ASRC

Email : sh.s.ho@polyu.edu.hk


Dr. TANG Hon Ping, Lead Engineer, Robotics, ASRC

Email : hp.tang@polyu.edu.hk


Mr. Robert Voyle, Lead Engineer, Design & Manufacturing, ASRC

Email : robert.voyle@polyu.edu.hk


Mr. Anthony Mannion, Lead Engineer, Materials Data & Instrumentation, ASRC

Email : tony.mannion@polyu.edu.hk