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Doctoral Degree Programmes (Ph.D.)

The ASRC is a research centre in the Hong Kong PolyU set up in 2012 in conjunction with Boeing, HAECO and HAESL which is tasked with research into process improvements in the aircraft MRO industry.

The unit boasts around 27 personnel with diverse backgrounds and a global outlook, coming from around 8 countries in 3 continents, all committed to improvements in aviation MRO technology.

The funding for the unit comes from industry partners and the HK Government via the ITC with the PolyU lending support as required.

At the moment we have funding for industry specific Doctoral Degree Programmes (Ph.D.) which have relevance to the development of aircraft MRO locally and globally.

The programmes are fully funded with support for the student at the prevailing rates. Interested applicants are invited to apply in writing by email to Dr Stephen O'Brien at the ASRC outlining their interests and their suggested topic.


1. Adaptive Machining and its applications for Additive Manufacture with Aero-engine components.

2. Deep learning in imaging for damage imaging on complex airframe structures.

3. Cold metal spray in MRO applications – adhesion, metallurgy, morphology and strength.

4. Subsurface damage characterisation post laser paint ablation on airframe structures.

5. Intelligent tool path generation for freeform surfaces on aero-engine components.

6. Ultrasonic assessment of fibre direction in complex airframe structures.