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Monthly Achievements

Recording System for Aircraft Components (HAECO)

  • One booth swapped on 16 NOV 2018

  • 5th booth under construction at the ASRC

Automated Scarfing & NDI (BOEING)

  • First Article Testing of Hexapod completed

  • Supporting frame ready at ASRC to receive the Hexapod

  • Extraction system designed

Automated Surface Preparation and Inspection (HAECO/HAESL)

  • Demonstration with CL100 portable laser system carried out within HAECO facilities on 16 NOV 2018

  • Laser enclosure installed, CL500 laser system and robot arm transferred into the enclosure

Measurement of residual stress on Intermediate Pressure Compressor Casing Trent 700 (HAESL)


Aircraft Damage Inspection and Assessment (BOEING)

  • Assessment software

    Software refined for integration of surface and subsurface imaging

    GUI for driving assessment device under development

  • Corrosion analysis

    Automatically transfer files from borescope to laptop for analysis of corrosion by deep learning algorithm or autocorrelation

  • Assessment Device

    Surface and Subsurface information captured simultaneously by 3D camera and flash thermography