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Yummi Collaborative Robot delivered to TAEXL

Aircraft Damage Inspection and Assessment (BOEING)

  • Further development of the single assessment device

  • Completed volume image coding: Alignment of surface image and sub-surface image

  • Training on structured light on 16 Jan 2016

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Delegations visiting the ASRC

  • Boeing China on 03 DEC 2018

  • Singapore Institute of Technical Education on 11 DEC 2018

  • University National Rail Transit Electrification & Automation Eng Technology Research Centre, Southwest Jiaotong University on 20 DEC 2018

  • Director of Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corp. on 09 JAN 2019

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Hexapod for Automated Scarfing & NDI

  • Completed installation

  • Completed personnel training

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Submitted in 2018

  • Submitted MAR 2018: Cold Spraying Material Deposition (HAESL) 80/20

  • Submitted SEP 2018: NDT of Fuel Tank Fasteners (BOEING) 80/20

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  • 22nd Boeing/ ASRC Technical Sub-Committee meeting on 22 JAN 2019

  • 16th HAECO/ ASRC Technical Sub-Committee meeting on 23 JAN 2019

  • Membership Safety Circle ASRC/BOEING/HAECO/HAESL on 24 JAN 2019

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  • The sealant which covers all rivets in fuel tanks must be removed

  • The structure beneath each rivet is inspected visually and with NDT

  • Sealant removal & NDT inspection done by the maintenance operator inside the fuel tank

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  • Mr. Mark McKee who acted as Head of ASRC Infrastructure & Contracts left the ASRC on Jan 4th

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