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Automated Scarfing & NDI (BOEING)

  • Hexapod machining tests currently running

  • NDT: Program created for test point generation for the Dolphicam from the scanned surface by Gocator

Aircraft Damage Inspection and Assessment (BOEING)

  • Testing of an integrated device to create surface and sub-surface images – The images are combined and recorded

  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) development started

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Board of Governors Meeting and ASRC Open Door Day on 23 OCT 2018

  • Introduction to the advanced machining facilities available in the ASRC

  • ASRC developments in scanning and remote damage assessment of aircraft fuselage Presentations from vendors (Renishaw, MasterMover)

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Automated Guided Vehicle MiR 100

  • Delivery & Training on 30 OCT 2018

  • To be used initially for Automated Surface Preparation and Inspection (ASPI) to carry the portable laser system over the seat track

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  • Automated Surface Preparation & Inspection (ASPI)

  • Automated Scarfing and NDI of Composite Airframes

  • Aircraft Damage Inspection & Assessment (ADIA)

  • Residual Stress Analysis (completed)

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Technology Demonstration at the ASRC

  • Ubisense on 1 NOV 2018

ASRC Lecture

  • Co-organized public lecture with HKIE Aircraft Division on NOV 29 in the Polytechnic University “Air Accident Investigation – Why, How and the Future Technology”

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  • High Speed Machining Centre

  • HK$24M Investment

  • Max Spindle Speed: 30,000rpm

  • Max Feed: 50,000mm/min

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