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Research Area

The primary activity of ASRC is to conduct research and development projects on aviation services. There are three major sources of research topic: The generic research projects funded through members’ fee; the projects funded by Innovation and Technology Commission or other government bodies; and the projects commissioned specifically by companies.

Major ASRC research areas are:

  • Adaptive Machining Technology

  • Methods to Detect and Access Bondline Quality and Performance

  • Environmentally Compliant Coating Removal and Installation Methods

  • Heat Damage Assessment Methods for Composites

  • Improved Thermal Control System for Bonded Repairs

  • Reduced Cure Time for Sealants and Adhesives

  • Fastener Hole Repair Methods for Composites Structures

  • Develop and Implement a Remote Expert Capability for NDI/Diagnostics and Repair

  • Prebonding Surface Preparation Methods

  • Common Bonded Repair Materials

  • Interim Use Data Collection System for Structural Anomalies

  • Rapid Corrosion Inspection Methods

  • Low Cost Point of Use Data Entry and Retrieval System for Mechanics

  • Repair of Multifunctional Structural Materials and Coatings

  • Repair Methods for Titanium and High Temp Materials

  • Rapid Repair Analysis Methods

  • System to Determine Remaining Structural Performance Based on Current Anomaly or Damage

  • Multilayer Crack Detection

  • Rapid Single Use Tooling for Composite Repair

  • Improved Repair Quality for Bonded Repair

  • Fastener Removal Methods for Composite Aircraft Structures

  • Improved Paint and Coating Systems (Durability/Removal)

  • Rapid Structural Repair Design, Analysis, and Application Methods

  • Improved Bonded Repair Performance

  • Automation Methods for Composite Repair (Drilling, Scarfing, Ply Cutting, Trimming)

  • Robotic Methods for Airplane Maintenance

  • Just in Time Training Methods for Composite Repair

  • MRO Infrastructure Tools (Planning, Control, Spares, Training, Equipment, Environmental, Data)

  • Rapid Recertification Process for Aged Composites and Sealants

  • Develop Icephobic Coating for Non-Painted Leading Edge Surfaces

  • Develop and Implement Information Interpreter for Inspection Techniques