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  • Boeing China on 03 DEC 2018 阅读更多

  • VTC Manufacturing Technology Training Board on 12 NOV 2018 阅读更多

  • Board of Governors Meeting and ASRC Open Door Day on 23 OCT 2018 阅读更多

  • Visit from Shenzhen Futian District Government Committee on 11 SEP 2018 阅读更多

  • Recording System for Aircraft Components (HAECO) 阅读更多

  • Visits from The Secretary from Innovation and Technology, Mr Nicholas Yang Wei-hsiung on 14 JUL and 13 AUG 2018 阅读更多

  • Visit from Cathay Pacific to the ASRC on 8 AUG 2018 阅读更多

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Doctoral Degree Programmes (Ph.D.)

The ASRC is a research centre in the Hong Kong PolyU set up in 2012 in conjunction with Boeing, HAECO and HAESL which is tasked with research into process improvements in the aircraft MRO industry.