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About Us

The Aviation Services Research Centre (ASRC) is an industry-led non-profit making organisation established by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) in collaboration with Boeing Corporate (Boeing). The aim of ASRC is to develop new or improved aviation service technologies and processes applicable to industry. The ASRC business scope covers aviation service research, manpower development, and business information exchange.


"Provide world class commercial aircraft MRO solutions, by leveraging industrial knowledge, academic research expertise and capabilities, needed to ensure sustainable aviation industry growth across China and southeast Asia."


"Strengthen the MRO community through a partnership network, focused on targeting projects that impact aircraft maintenance cost, time, quality, and safety."

Aim of ASRC

"To bridge the gap between academic research findings and industrial exploitation in the area of aviation services and MRO industry."

"To enhance and support the development and application of MRO technologies in particular for South China region aviation industries."



Membership of the ASRC is open to any company which works in a complementary area or which wishes to participate in the support of the centre’s research programmes. Companies joining ASRC as a member can benefit directly by participate in, and obtain the results of all generic projects. Additionally, members have the opportunity to specify any number of projects which are presented to the board for ranking and approval. Through partnership with ASRC, MROs can carry out substantial modernisation and improvement programmes by utilising the most up-to-date facilities and drawing on the expertise of world class practitioners all without disrupting daily operation routines.

The ASRC is structured in such a manner as to make it extremely dynamic and reactive to the demands of the industrial members. Research project teams are transient and bespoke, being stood up for individual projects and disbanded on completion. All projects are controlled through a mandated quality framework based on LCM and ISO 9000 principles.

The ASRC is established on initial government funding and cash injection from Boeing and founding member companies. Subsequent year on year operating cost is provided by annual membership subscription fees and matching government project funds.

The ASRC organisational structure is based on the exceptionally successful UK AMRC model where governance is provided by the ASRC board chaired by a nominee from Boeing; the remaining board consists of representative from the PolyU senior management, the CEO of the ASRC, representatives from all the member companies.