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Membership model

The ASRC is led by its industrial members. The Centre aims to embrace member companies from across the supply chain in aerospace and other high-value manufacturing and engineering sectors, from global corporate to local SMEs.

Membership of the ASRC is open to any company which works in the MRO sector, or in a complementary area, which wishes to participate in the support of the centre’s research programmes, subject to board approval.
In addition to a larger share of access to ASRC facilities and equipment, members get an individual seat on the board and an opportunity to influence the direction and nature of future research. Members participate in and obtain the results of all generic projects. Additionally, Members could specify any number of specific projects which are presented to the board for ranking and approval as funds become available.
Members can commission the ASRC to conduct proprietary research projects. The commissioning member will gain exclusive rights to the outcomes of the project.
On all ITC funded projects, tax deductions and rebates are available on sponsorship contributions. Further details on tax advantages are available on the ITC website.
Non-member services: Work can be undertaken for non-members on an individual project basis subject to approval from the technical committee.
If your company is interested in discussing any of the above, please contact:
Mr. Robert Voyle, CEO, ASRC
Email: robert.voyle@polyu.edu.hk

Advantages of membership

  • Have access to state-of-the-art technology and expertise
  • Engage in large costly R&D projects at a fraction of the commercial cost
  • Maximize company development dollars
  • Have use of all the IP resulting from open source project undertaken after joining
  • Assess technology capability prior to financial commitment
  • Minimize shop floor/hanger disruption during investment and improvement programs
  • Maximize current capability by optimising process and procedures off-line
  • Be kept updated on all the latest industry innovations
  • Retain commercial advantage over competitors through technological innovation
  • Have a direct line to Boeing for process approvals

How to join

If your company is interested in becoming a member or would like further information about the ASRC, please contact:
Mr. Robert Voyle, CEO, ASRC
Email: robert.voyle@polyu.edu.hk

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